Our Services

Our team are all qualified medical professionals with a variety of professional experience. We are happy to discuss the individual needs of each production and adapt the service we provide accordingly. We endevour to ensure all our staff are commited to supporting the success of any production they work on and remain friendly and professional throughout.


TV & Film Productions - Our team are experienced film set medics who provide a high level of clinical care whilst collaborating with the production team


Single Days or Long Running Productions - We can provide staff for short term work, long term filming or a combination of both along with second unit medics where needed


Stunt Days - we have a team of paramedics and nurses who can support you with stunt days as your staff safety is our biggest priority

Covid 19 Supervisors - Our staff have managed productions during the pandemic in order to keep them COVID secure and avoiding shut downs. We can offer you advice on how to do the same within your own prodcution whilst providing you staff to manage this